Re: Millie: Unique Rabbit

From: marianne bolding (
Wed Aug 1 12:37:39 2001

Nanc, What do you do with your chard...or How do you prepare it? This is very healthy greens...but, I don't know how to use Kale...don't know how to use it either...can you compare chard to the flavor something else? Love, Marianne --- "Nancy E. Hale" <> wrote: > Hi Millie:
> I've got all kinds of veggies, come on up for a
> visit *grin* Our garden is
> doing great - corn, squash, and cucumbers all in
> blossom, green beans,
> yellow beans, peas, Swiss chard, spinach, beet
> greens, carrots, and onions
> all ready to eat or freeze (I've got beet greens,
> chard, and both types of
> beans in the freezer along with some fiddlehead
> greens). The best thing
> about the garden is that the fresh veggies help the
> stool softener (God,
> even our gardens relate to our bodily functions!!!
> *LOL*) My early flowers
> have gone to seed, and my late flowers are blooming
> all over the place. I
> have three pots of mini roses just loaded with
> blooms, some as big as
> 50-cent pieces.
> I've added you to my Messenger list. My e-mail is:
> .
> Hope to chat soon.
> Nancy in NB
> ICQ #9683431

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