Re: Millie: Unique Rabbit

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Wed Aug 1 10:19:17 2001

Hi Millie:

I've got all kinds of veggies, come on up for a visit *grin* Our garden is doing great - corn, squash, and cucumbers all in blossom, green beans, yellow beans, peas, Swiss chard, spinach, beet greens, carrots, and onions all ready to eat or freeze (I've got beet greens, chard, and both types of beans in the freezer along with some fiddlehead greens). The best thing about the garden is that the fresh veggies help the stool softener (God, even our gardens relate to our bodily functions!!! *LOL*) My early flowers have gone to seed, and my late flowers are blooming all over the place. I have three pots of mini roses just loaded with blooms, some as big as 50-cent pieces.

I've added you to my Messenger list. My e-mail is: .

Hope to chat soon.

Nancy in NB

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