Marianne: Veggies

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Wed Aug 1 15:40:05 2001

God, I'm starting to eat like a rabbit!!! I go to the garden to get veggies for supper and end up eating almost as many raw as I do after they're cooked *grin* It's really hard trying to get beans ready to cook - the little ones always seem to end up in my mouth; same for peas and carrots.

I boil my chard - it can be left as a whole leaf or "sliced" across the leaf if you prefer. It doesn't take long, just until it is tender to a fork and kind of folds over the fork when you try to pick it up. Serve it up with butter and a touch of vinegar. Taste - hmmmm - have you ever eaten spinach or fiddle heads? Kind of similar.

I've never eaten kale, and all my cookbooks are still packed, so I can't give you any ideas right now. Remind me in about a month when I've finished unpacking my kitchen *grin*.

Good eating!

Nancy in NB

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