Marianne from Jean

From: Jean Long (
Wed Aug 1 11:48:32 2001

Marianne, Guess you might as well go right to the Colonoscopy if you want to cut down on amount of tests. They can see crohns disease, colitis, fibroids, cancer etc. They go up your butt with a flexible tube and can see inside of your intestines via a lighted camera on the end which shows everything on a monitor screen. They can see everything except adhesions this way. Occasionally it will show blockages but not always. It didn't show my partial blockages, not tests did.

The barium tests are less invasive but if it doesn't show anything (and sometimes even if it does) they usually go to the colonoscopy in the end anyway.


"A Friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you!!!"

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From: "marianne bolding" <> To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" <> Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 12:29 PM Subject: Re: Marianne from Sally you think I should call the doctor and request a different test procedure? Or do you think I should go step-by-step through process of elimination. It's not that he doesn't want to do GI tests...he said he wanted to do the easiest ones for me first. I, though, don't want to do 3 or 4 tests...if one test can see most of this stuff. Do you know what I mean? I'm checking my e-mails at work and have to call the doc today for tylenol 500 or something, so I'd like to talk to him about this at the same time. All the big bosses are out kids in school,'s less stressful...but, I sure am pooping that metamucil stuff out of the body. When will it stop? UUUUGGGGHHHH....Love, Marianne --- Jean Long <> wrote: > Marianne,
> I think they normally do the Barium Enema (lower GI)
> to detect Colitis and Crohns Disease etc. They did
> with me anyway. They also can see that with a
> Colonoscopy.
> When they put you on pills for an ulcer it is
> generally referring to Duodenal Ulcers or Stomach
> Ulcers, not Colitis. Duodenal and Stomach Ulcers are
> diagnosed with the Upper Gi's (barium swallowed) or
> the tube put down the throat (don't remember name of
> it).
> My ulcer didn't show on the Upper Gi but did when
> they went down with the tube, same with my Hiatal
> Hernia.
> If it makes you feel better I don't know what that
> word means either!
> "A Friend is someone who knows all about you and
> still loves you!!!"

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> Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 11:52 PM
> Subject: Re: Marianne from Sally
> How ambarrasing for me...what does Machiavellian
> mean?
> That's a term I've never heard used before. I
> work for a local High school as the Dir. Asst. of
> budgets. Where will we spend the
> governements money in our school?...that includes
> groundskeeping, to teachers needs, salaries, to
> education, student trips and sports, on and on and
> on.
> They've moved my office while I was away. My
> problem
> is I'm in the middle of a feud between principal and
> my director...they dislike each other very much.
> The
> principal wants to spend the buget however he
> wants...does't want to requisition us so we can get
> P.O.'s...without a P.O. the main office won't pay
> the
> expenditure...the principal refuses to do it the
> right
> my director refuses to assist him...I'm in
> the middle because the principal tries to get things
> through me and my director gets mad at me. They
> both
> will tell me privately that I'm your boss, don't
> listen to him...listen to me. They are driving me
> crazy...all I want is to service our students...make
> sure their needs are met...that's all I keep telling
> them both. Since I won't side...they both seem
> bitter
> towards me. I never know what to do anymore. The
> woman who sent the certified "you will be terminated
> letter" apologized for threatening me today...said
> she
> was following policy...~I touched her arm softly and
> said..."Well, I called the main office when I
> received
> the certified letter and that isn't policy...but, I
> forgive you anyway". I told her to read the
> pre-operative report and doctors paperwork I brought
> in so she could learn about what I've been through
> and
> still go through. I was so
> regular with bowel, it's been 2
> days...I'm afraid to take any form of a supplement
> because I'm afraid it'll hit me at work. I already
> spend the day constantly belching and holding my
> side...brought in my heating pad, too. I just found
> out that an upper GI doesn't show ulcerative
> why did doc give me pills for ulcers if
> he doesn't want to run the right test to back it up?
> There seem to be alot of flakey people all over this
> world lately. They build your trust, promise the
> world, and then let you down and betray you...even
> family...but, to he** w/these people...I'll vent and
> I
> won't let them touch my spirit. I keep saying
> "Seperate the pain from myself"..."I am
> strong-willed"
> Self talk stuff...maybe you should do this and
> you'll
> get through the t.v. crew interview. I'm sorry you
> are not feeling well still. It's such a challenge
> to
> do things that are stressful when you are so ill.
> Try
> not to give in...I'm trying (with many expletives
> LOL)...sorry so long...but, under so much pressure
> right now... Love, Marianne
> --- Sally Grigg <> wrote:
> > Dear Marianne, That's very funny when you think
> > about it. Are they planning
> > something very Machiavellian, I wonder. What do
> you
> > do for work, by the way?
> > Maybe you already posted it already but I have a
> > mind like a sieve, all holes.
> > We've got a film crew coming here and that's just
> > one more reason to be
> > nervous. I can't sem to get into my walking
> program,
> > everytime I try it hurts
> > so much, I just lay back down, but I know I
> > shouldn't. My husband wants me to
> > start running. LOL. Love, Sally
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