chronic pain caused by abdominal adhesions

From: Stefanie (
Sat May 19 04:44:15 2001

Hi! I was referred to this website and need some help. I have had Crohn's disease for 6 years and have had 4 abdominal surgeries. I suffer from chronic pain, because of abdominal adhesions. The pain that I have can go from mild to so severe that I can't stand up, because it hurts too much.

Recently, I was told by my surgeon (which is the closest we have to a GI specialist here) that he thought that I was taking too many narcotics and that I might be addicted to them. I decided that I would stop the narcotics right away to prove him wrong. I have been off them for 2 weeks now and haven't had any withdrawal symptoms or cravings. However, I am having a lot of bad pain which prevents me from sleeping at night and sometimes leaves me unable to get out of bed during the day. I am taking chloral hydrate to sleep at night, but sometimes I can't sleep anyway.

In the past I have tried a lot of medication for chronic pain, which include anti-depressants, sedatives/hypnotics,anti-inflammatories and herbal remedies. I have also been to a naturopath (can you say "quack"?), a natural healer(ugh!)and a chronic pain specialist (who put me on narcotics). My question is does anyone have a similar amount of untreatable pain who has been able to succesfully manage it successfuly. If so, how did you manage it? I would appreciate any responses ASAP. Thanks.


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