today is getting to me!!

From: Colette (
Tue Feb 27 08:27:53 2001

Look i'm really trying hard not to get depressed. I'm tired of getting up in the morning. I'm so tired of fighting this thing, it seems 3 months ago i went through major surgery how much is a person suppose to handle without falling apart? Sunday i took some good old MOM and it worked all day it gave me the runs, boy did i love that for a change LOL but now i'm back to being constipated i really don't get this whole thing i mean i hardly eat anything and constipated 2 days later yuk! Tomarrow i have a dr appt. however i'm not going to to do the sigmoidscope they hurt like crazy my body can't handle much more. I've seen gasteroligist that don't do that thing have had plenty of them i'v always had a colonoscopy thats it! No barium enema either yuk! If i don't like this dr i'll find one i do like. Its just that gastereonaligist appts are very hard to get here. Although DH finally paid some to the gaster. i saw a year ago or longer and i liked him maybe i could get back into him if i don't like this other one. But the girl on the phone did say that this dr was giving his patients a new med for constipation and is having reall good results so hopefully i'll get some of that stuff./ I really do hope so i'm hanging on because of tomarrow. If something does'nt go right soon i really don't know what i will do ! Sorry i'm just having a bad day thank you for listening this is truely awful. my mom did tell me that my aunt hadendo or adhesions after her hyster and they had to go back in and laser them off so i do believe that is part of my problem. oh and whom should i contact for the adhesions my ob/gyn or does a gasteroligist do it i never did know whom to call to have it cheecked?????

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