Re: Millie

From: Kate Murphy (
Tue Feb 27 09:53:34 2001

On 27 Feb 2001, at 1:27, jenny low wrote: > So don't blame yourself now. She failed you not
> you failed you. So don't hold that against yourself. You need to forgive
> you. Sometimes it is hardest to forgive ourselves. I know it took me years
> to forgive myself.

And, perhaps, no one failed here. When I ask my doctor about my adhesions, he tells me that some people form scar tissue differently and in larger amounts than others. That's the way it is.

All of my surgeries have been necessary, either to remove cancer or to explore an unknown mass that might be more cancer. So I can't blame either myself or my doctor for adhesions. It's the way it is.

This gives me peace of mind . . . which is critical to living with pain.

I also think that anger and bitterness are so hurtful that it makes sense to forgive someone who did something wrong and move on. Of course, if your doctor made a serious mistake or did not let you know your risks and your choices, a lawsuit might protect others. But if it was just the luck of the draw -- why not just let yourself move on and heal?


Kate Murphy

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