Re: today is getting to me!!

From: Millie (
Tue Feb 27 18:25:49 2001

Dera Janet, Last night I took 2 Tbsps. milk of mag before I went to bed. The stuff works, but I still get those pains, and trouble getting rid of even loose stool. The gastro's office keeps saying irritable bowel to me,too. So did the ob/gyn. I have to see that drs. assistant at gastro, tomorrow. I'll tell him that I know it isn't irritable bowel. I can hear it now. Next week I'm going to a dr. near me. A friend recommended him. I'm not going to mention any tests to him. That way maybe he will order some . These other guys find it too easy to read each others' old charts on me. I get so mad. My favorite gastro that I went to for about 14 years fired me by letter , over a year ago because I went for a second opinion. I still feel bad about the fact he fired me. I begged them to take me back, but his wife wasn't nice to me, at all. I always kept appts., and paid bills. Millie

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> Dear Colette,
> I know it's hard sometimes, but hang in there. You have a world of support
> here, and we will help you walk through.
> I have to be careful with all laxative. When I take enough for them to
> actually work within 24 hours, I always have a worse time afterwards.
> I am taking 2-3 tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia daily, and with the help
of > suppositories, have a bm every 3-5 days. Not great still, but at least
> things are moving, and I am not wavering between the extremes of diaherrea
> and severe constipation every other day.
> I got so fed up with gastroenterologists, after bouncing from one to
> another, desperate for help...there's really nothing they can do except
test > and prescribe...many had the proof of my adhesions right in front of them,
> and would diagnose and treat me with irratable bowel syndome.
> This is what lead me to Chinese medicine and alternative health care. Then
> when I exhausted all options, the pain was great along with digestive
> function, I found this board, and feel so blessed everyday for the
friends > and support I have here.
> Helen Dynda can help you with a surgeon referral in your area, or you can
> take your best bet and go to PA or Germany to see the adhesion
specialists. > You can visit the PA Adhesion Center Website at , or contact
> Dr. Gerhart directly at, this is where I will go for surgery
> March 15.
> I also try to stay on a mostly liquid diet(including all my favorite ice
> creams!), so that I can get alot of calories in, but avoid the risk of
> complete obstructions.
> There are answers and solutions and hope, as well as plenty of people who
> care for you and your health.
> Love,
> Janet

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> Subject: today is getting to me!!
> > Look i'm really trying hard not to get depressed. I'm tired of getting
> > up in the morning. I'm so tired of fighting this thing, it seems 3
> > months ago i went through major surgery how much is a person suppose to
> > handle without falling apart? Sunday i took some good old MOM and it
> > worked all day it gave me the runs, boy did i love that for a change LOL
> > but now i'm back to being constipated i really don't get this whole
> > thing i mean i hardly eat anything and constipated 2 days later yuk!
> > Tomarrow i have a dr appt. however i'm not going to to do the
> > sigmoidscope they hurt like crazy my body can't handle much more. I've
> > seen gasteroligist that don't do that thing have had plenty of them i'v
> > always had a colonoscopy thats it! No barium enema either yuk! If i
> > don't like this dr i'll find one i do like. Its just that
> > gastereonaligist appts are very hard to get here. Although DH finally
> > paid some to the gaster. i saw a year ago or longer and i liked him
> > maybe i could get back into him if i don't like this other one. But the
> > girl on the phone did say that this dr was giving his patients a new med
> > for constipation and is having reall good results so hopefully i'll get
> > some of that stuff./ I really do hope so i'm hanging on because of
> > tomarrow. If something does'nt go right soon i really don't know what i
> > will do ! Sorry i'm just having a bad day thank you for listening this
> > is truely awful. my mom did tell me that my aunt hadendo or adhesions
> > after her hyster and they had to go back in and laser them off so i do
> > believe that is part of my problem. oh and whom should i contact for
> > the adhesions my ob/gyn or does a gasteroligist do it i never did know
> > whom to call to have it cheecked?????
> >

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