Re: occuring small bowel obstructions

From: Sheila Chapman (
Tue Feb 27 08:11:13 2001

Toni, thanks for responding. I just posted the results of what happened at the Doctor last night. I won't rehash in this note to you. Yes, I had terrible vomiting with about 4 of my attacks. Really awful vomiting, very deep. I will just have to wait and see what the next tests are - something with barium where you drink it. Sheila

At Thu, 22 Feb 2001, toni welsh wrote: >
>At Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Sheila Chapman wrote:
>>I spent 3 days in the hospital last month with a smo. I have been
>>having 'attacks' for the past 2 1/2 years. I thought it was really bad
>>gas and endured the pain. I went to the emergency room one other time,
>>and should of gone at least 2 more times. I had hernia surgery 2 1/2
>>years ago, a gastric bypass 4 years ago, a hysterectomy 15 years ago. I
>>know I have adhesions. When I turn over at night, I feel this one spot
>>catch and the pain will wake me up. I had a barium exam last week -
>>also missed 3 days of work from the runs. Have an appt on Monday the
>>26th with my dr to discuss barium results. I have changed my eating
>>habits since being in the hospital. I would really like to avoid
>>surgery again. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Besides the
>>pain issue, what are the impact of these recoccuring smo's? I have had
>>about 15 of them. 4 I would call major, the rest I endure.
>>I wish I found this forum last week, maybe someone could of helped with
>>the diarrhea last week. I laughed reading about drinking the fleet
>>stuff. I thought I was going to puke all over my cube at work.
>Hello, nice to meet you. I have no ideas for you, I am lost myself.
>When you jad the small bowel obstructions, did you have any vomiting? I
>was told a few of these bad episodes were PROBABLY partial bowel
>obstructions, and I have no vomiting. I take senekot on a normal basis,
>I do not go without it, it has been 5 days again, I should have taken it
>last night, but there was an auction today, and my husband wanted me to
>go to it, I did get some stuff. But a few times it woke me uo at 3 in
>the morning, and I had HORRIBLE pain and cramping I HAD to move bowels,
>like pressure, and I could feel it on the left side, where the descend
>ing colon is, and it took 2 hours of severe cramping and pushing I could
>feel lkie a ball there, and i kept telling my husband to take me to ER,
>but finally I did go, extremely painful, and I could not touch that area
>all the next day. I have had tese a few times and it scares me alot.
>But the drs still have no guarentees for me, so I feel it may be a waste
>to go through surgery again, and get alot worse.
>I have benn living on laxatives for years now and am only 46, my
>grandmother lived on them, but she was in her eighties. My gyn told me
>awhile ago to see a general surgeon, and he talked to almost a dozen,
>and they all said they would not touch me except two of them, and said
>that I had to be ready for commit to surgery, if I decided to see one. I
>cannot say I am ready to commit to surgery til I talked to him.. But
>the gyn is willing to go in with im, but when I first asked him about
>it, he said we would have to see, general surgeons do not like their
>toes stepped on. Well they better respect the fact that patients want a
>certain dr in there, I feel like the gyn has been in there, and has an
>idea what they are in for.
>Sheils, I cancelled barium enema twice last year do to the fear of that
>test, I had one about 15 years ago, and it was terrible experience,
>please be sure to let us know what the dr says on Monday. Take care of

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