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Tue Feb 27 05:05:04 2001

At Tue, 27 Feb 2001, jenny low wrote: >
>Hi Millie,
>How are you doing? I was wondering about when you had your hysterectomy
>done. Did the doctor discuss with you at all about the type of surgery that
>you were supposed to be having done? What type of surgery did you sign the
>consent form for? I don't want you to beat yourself up for allowing this
>woman doctor to open you up. I have been there and done that myself. I hated
>myself for years after I had a tubal ligation. It was not something I
>wanted. I was pushed into it by family members and a doctor who told me I
>could go into kidney failure if I got pregnant again. I should not of
>listened and done something I really didn't want to do. And what did I get
>out of it but periods that lasted 2 weeks and came every 2 weeks. When I had
>the tubal reversed I got adhesions. So it is just has been a never ending
>battle. But I had to learn to forgive myself. I listened thinking that what
>everyone wanted me to do was in my best interest. I have learned since that
>that is not always so. IT has made me a stronger person because now no one
>pushes me into anything that I am not ready to do. I don't believe that it
>is any different with you. I believe that you allowed this doctor to open
>you up thinking it was in your best interest, that she was helping you.
>Isn't that true? You thought she was someone you could trust. We should be
>able to trust our doctor. So don't blame yourself now. She failed you not
>you failed you. So don't hold that against yourself. You need to forgive
>you. Sometimes it is hardest to forgive ourselves. I know it took me years
>to forgive myself. And sometimes I still struggle with it. I am just sorry
>that your doctor failed you and that you have to endure so much pain
>physically as well as emotionally. Remember that it is not your fault. I
>hope you can find some peace in what I have said. I also hope that you find
>a doctor who can build your faith and trust back up in doctors. Not all
>doctors are bad. You met the ones there in Scranton. I don't think they were
>pushing you aside. I think they just want the average time for healing to
>pass so they can know for sure that it is adhesions that reformed and not
>just that you haven't completely healed from your surgery. It might do you
>more damage in the long run if they went in before you had time to heal. I
>really believe they were looking out for your best interests. So be
>comforted in that. I have never met these doctors but with all the good I
>have heard and read about them, I don't think there could be any other
>reason why they might make you wait. Now if your doctor did your
>hysterectomy without your consent and without explaining in detail what she
>was doing, then I would think you have grounds for a law suit. Even though I
>have had numerous surgeries my doctor always goes over all the risks anyway.
>He even tells me "I know you have been through this up teen million
>times...but these are the risks and this is what I am doing". And they also
>go over it in the hospital. I have consent forms from my doctor and consent
>forms from the hospital. SO find out exactly what you consented to and go
>from there. I hope I can be of some help to you. I hope your pain has
>ceased. I'm thinking about you.
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>>Subject: Re: Millie: some help with your anger
>>Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 16:04:31 -0600
>>Dear Trace,
>>Thanks for the suggestions. This morning I thought I'd die when I tried to
>>have a bm. It was awful. I took a Dulcolax suppository, and 3 Tbsp. Haleys
>>M O with water. I finally went some, but the pains get worse. I went to see
>>Dr. Redan, but my luck- he said he couldn't do anything right now. He
>>at the scar, and pressed around. He said to wait a few months. I am to the
>>point that I don't know what to do. I think I need to find new Drs. Yes, I
>>was abused. The male nurse practitioner asked me in January - "Did you have
>>your uterus yanked out yet?"
>>I should have ran the other way then. I went back to their e.r., and the
>>was not nice. He told me it is colic. I asked how he'd know without not
>>running any tests. I told him that I am going to have to get away from them
>>and find new Drs. I told him I know the surgery was unneeded. He got real
>>smart and said, "YOU signed for it!~!" I told him we were supposed to have
>>agreed that I wanted her to check for endo, and fix what she could of that,
>>and she was going to check left ovary for adhesions, & cysts. She only
>>wrote possible hyst.
>>There's nothing on the pre op, or post op that showed the need for a hyst.
>>Both said - chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis(she wrote 'minimal') and
>>history of pelvic adhesions. Dr. Redan's medical assistant asked me why she
>>took everything, and I said I also wonder. I saw Dr. Redan give him a
>>look. Do you think he either figured for the money, or for some other
>>reason. I saw the look he gave his helper.

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>>Subject: Millie: some help with your anger
>> > Hi MIllie,
>> >
>> > Millie I see your anger in your messages, and we all sympathize
>> > Most of us have dealt with the same situations at one time or another. I
>> > used to believe that my anger kept me going. I was angry at the doctors,
>> > angry at my body, angry at anyone who would listen really. I have learnt
>> > alot from this board. One of the best revelations I have made is NOT to
>> > angry anymore, You see it makes my condition 100% worse. I cannot take
>> > what has been done to my body. It's unfair sometimes. It really is. My
>> > situation needn't have ended up with nearly 30 operations.
>> >
>> > Acceptance of things I cannot change releases the tension you will feel.
>> > stress you are putting yourself under will be felt throughout your body.
>> > do need time to let your body heal from your hysterectomy. It is a very
>> > major operation as unneccessary as it may well have been.
>> > I was able to communicate better with my doctors when I wasn't so angry.
>> > enabled me to explore my options without any accusations and defenses
>> > put up to me.
>> >
>> > Irritable Bowel is often misdiagnosed with adhesions, but it is also a
>> > complaint. I take "Colofac", and it relaxes my bowel when it becomes
>> > irritated. I do not have irritable bowel symtoms from food, but from the
>> > operations. I only realised the extent of irratability when the tablets
>> > relaxed it. I know it sounds like doctors are "palming" your pain off,
>> > think it is worth entertaining this idea with the problems you are
>> > experiencing. Drink lots of water as it flushes your system and hydrates
>> > your bowel. A dehydrated bowel causes so much pain. I know this for a
>> >
>> > When we are in constant pain, it makes you extremely edgy. It brings out
>> > worst in anyone. How could it not? I don't think anyone truly
>> > until they've lived with it for awhile. You will have plenty of time
>> > you are strong enough, to deal with these insensitive doctors.
>> >
>> > What was Dr. Redan's suggestions for helping your bowel movements?
>> >
>> > Millie, I truly hope that you find some relief, I really do. You have
>> > mistreated and abused.
>> >
>> > I wish I could give you something to make it all right again, but I
>> > can't.... so the next best thing is our support.
>> >
>> > Your pain pal
>> > Trace xo
>> >

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>> > Subject: Re: Re:Robin
>> >
>> > > Dawn'
>> > > I read your note about the pain from adhesions. It is a terrible
>> > > have not been right since I had the TAH in January. She tried to say
>> > > irritable bowel. She laughed it off. Last night I wentback to the e.r.
>> > > that hospital, and I had the same e.r. dr. I saw a few days after
>> > > He wasn't too happy that I came back. All he did was bloodwork, and
>> > > to say it is a colic. Bull!! Then he came back in, and was kind of
>> > > nasty,when he asked me why I didn't take the medicine she prescribed.
>> > told
>> > > him that what she prescribed was Bentyl, which is constipating, and so
>> > > Effexor. I told him I am angry that she took everything but 1 ovary
>> > > there was nothing really wrong with the organs. He got a bit snotty
>> > > said, "well, you must have signed forit." I'd like to report him., if
>> > knew
>> > > where. Also, sometime before I had the surgery , the male nurse
>> > practitioner
>> > > asked ,"Did you get your uterus ripped out yet?" He should be
>> > > course, if if isn't on paper in a Drs. report, it doesn't exist in
>> > > eyes. I am having even more problems going. I went to see Dr. Redan,
>> > > yesterday, but I came away even more discouraged, because he said to
>> > 3
>> > > months to be sure you're healed, then maybe he'd take a look. He
>> > > the incision, and pressed around it some.
>> > > He was very nice, but I only saw him for 10 minutes at the most, after
>> > going
>> > > 60 miles. After hurrying to fax in forms to them, to supposedly be set
>> > > for the adhesiolysis. I have had more pain today. The little bit of
>> > I
>> > > do pass, is small, painful, and it gets worse.Even to pass gas. I
>> > want
>> > > to end up with an ostomy. Did you ever have a n.g. tube? Are they
>> > > painful to have inserted, or uncomfortable?
>> > > How would you feel if a Dr. or nurse practitioner said that to you?
>> > > would you do?
>> > > Millie

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>> > > Subject: Re:Robin
>> > >
>> > > > Hi Robin
>> > > >
>> > > > I am new here too.I had 2 c-sections in 1988 and one in 1990
>> > my
>> > > gal
>> > > > bladder removed during my second pregancy. I had my tubes tied in
>> > > then
>> > > > in 1992 I had my right ovaries removed becauseof cysts then in 1994
>> > had
>> > > a
>> > > > complete hystrectomy and I had lap in may of 2000 for my adhesions
>> > > > instestines and small bowel then in August of 2000 dr wilson opened
>> > up
>> > > > along my c-section cut to try to give me some releif but here I am
>> > > 31
>> > > > years old I can not eat and the pain is unbearable my insurance has
>> > > changed
>> > > > and now I am dealing with someone who knows less than I do about
>> > adhesions
>> > > I
>> > > > have to deal without any pain releif and I cry almost contsantly
>> > > gets
>> > > > real bad I go to the er and the head dr there knows how it feels
>> > > his
>> > > > grandmother suffered for years with adhesions. So hang in there and
>> > don't
>> > > > give up. I hang on to a thread of hope that someone will help me.
>> > > and
>> > > > feeling useless in Tenn. I wish you luck and will keep you close to
>> > heart
>> > > in
>> > > > my prayers.
>> > > >
>> > > > wishing you the best
>> > > >
>> > > > Dawn
>> > > >
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first marriage, Doug and I never had any children. I know this is when the adhesions started I am sure, he was also born C section. I hope you are doing okay!

Love, Toni

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