Thankyou Jenny

From: niko (
Tue Feb 27 04:32:53 2001

Hi Jenny ;-))

Thanks for the letter, Nik and I both know that we have something very special. He was keen to post a message for ages, just to show everyone that some men really do care how we are suffering. When Nik reads a particularly bad letter from the board, he gets upset. The partners do feel very helpless. They don't like to see us suffering and be rendered without a solution.

I am feeling ok. I still have a burning in my groin that has been prevalent since my op, got me beat what it could be, but will get it checked out again later in the week. Never had this before. Otherwise my recovery is going well ;-))

Now how bout you? I hope you are doing well too ;-) Really do.

Talk soon Your pain pal Trace xo

Nik and Trace,

I am so glad to see such a wonderful couple on here! I think it is wonderful that you Nik are so loving and supportive of your sweet Trace. It actually is kind of nice (not for you of course) that you yourself have adhesions and know their discomfort. I am lucky too because my doctor has adhesions from a gall bladder surgery. Good relationships come few and far between these days. It is wonderful that you love each other so much. It is evident in the posts I have seen. I hope you have many pain free and fun years together. I hope Trace is feeling better from her recent surgery. Sending love and hugs your way!

Love, Jenny

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