Dextran -70 and Hyskon???

From: Jean (
Sun Feb 25 22:27:27 2001

Does anyone know what Dextran-70 is??? I read on on of my previous surgical reports (from 1986) that: Just prior to closing 100 cc. of Dextran-70 was instilled inot the peritoneal cavity to help retard further adhesions formation. In the heading of the same report it also says: Laparotomy, lysis of adhesions, partial omenectomy,left salping-oopharectomy and instilled Hyskon. Is Hyskon the same thing as Dextran-70 but just another word for it?

Is this Dextran or Hyskon an adhesion barrier? If so, I though they aren't approved in the US.....this was in 1986?? When I mentioned to my doctor in 1989 that the previous doctor said he put an adhesion barrier in me he had a fit & said it wasn't even approved to be used in the US yet.

Has anyone else had this? Apparently it didn't work because 3 years later I was back in for the other ovary with adhesions etc. JEAN (from PA)

Jean (from PA)

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