Re: Dextran -70 and Hyskon???

From: toni welsh (
Mon Feb 26 06:09:48 2001

At Sun, 25 Feb 2001, Jean wrote: >
>Does anyone know what Dextran-70 is???
>I read on on of my previous surgical reports (from 1986) that:
>Just prior to closing 100 cc. of Dextran-70 was instilled inot the
>peritoneal cavity to help retard further adhesions formation.
>In the heading of the same report it also says:
>Laparotomy, lysis of adhesions, partial omenectomy,left
>salping-oopharectomy and instilled Hyskon.
>Is Hyskon the same thing as Dextran-70 but just another word for it?
>Is this Dextran or Hyskon an adhesion barrier? If so, I though they
>aren't approved in the US.....this was in 1986??
>When I mentioned to my doctor in 1989 that the previous doctor said he
>put an adhesion barrier in me he had a fit & said it wasn't even
>approved to be used in the US yet.
>Has anyone else had this?
>Apparently it didn't work because 3 years later I was back in for the
>other ovary with adhesions etc.
>JEAN (from PA)
>Jean (from PA)

No, Jean I have never heard of that, but your op report and surgeries sound like mine. The drs would have taken both the ovaries when he did my hysterectomy I had no problems after that, they did not start til 4 years after, and now they are worse. I should have never had my tibes tied, and put back together. That was 23 years ago, and my gyn was nothing like the one I have now.

Thank you for your post about last might, I am feeling alittle better this morning, I have not eaten any meat for 3 years, and on Thursday I ate some beef, and I think that may have caused the problems the last 3 days. I was really scared last night, I told my husband if it would get worse I was ready to go to ER, but they never do anything, the last time I went they said I was dehydrted, and gave me a bag of IV, and sent me home, and did nothing. They seem like they just don't care, the only dr I have that even listens is my gyn, but the last time I saw my GI dr he now believes adhesions cause pain, they seem like they are finding out more, and he did say intestinal adhesions are the worse as far as the pulling on that organ, I had such a constircted feeling all over I could not stand it last night, but to my surprise I slept good.

Take care, TOni

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