There is help

From: Teresa Waldrop (
Sun Feb 25 22:29:23 2001

As I wrote the other day, I started hypnotherapy Friday. I have not taken a pain pill since 2 hours before that session. I am still feeling great mentally, physically, and emotionally. Life is great for me right now. Teddy, my husband, said that I should enjoy how I'm feeling, but not get my hopes up because it may not work long. As I told him....I believe in this and I know how I feel. I can't help but to plan on living the rest of my life this way. Today at my session, Dr. Parker asked how I was doing. I told him that I was still feeling great only that I had a sinus infection that was driving me crazy. He mentioned it during the session and I haven't sneezed since. Can you believe it? I feel like some sort of info-commercial or something, but I want everyone to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I pray that you all can see it soon. Have any of you ever tried hypnotherapy? Maybe it could help some of you too. Dr. Parker has helped lots of other people with different problems. Sorry to keep rambling, but I want you to feel the way I do. I am even able to wear my blue jeans again. Teddy and I have also been taking advantage of me feeling good *wink*wink*!!! I think he feels like we need to make up for lost time or something haha. Priceless days to us all! Teresa

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