From: Jann213 (
Sun Feb 25 22:17:17 2001

Late last year after I had a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with intestinal adhesions. During the procedure, the Dr had difficulty getting through the small intestine. For the past 4 years I have experienced pain in the upper abdomen, the left side and left pelvic area. I have had bouts of nausea, vomiting, diarreha and constipation. I have had Ultra sounds and CT scans which wer all normal. The adhesions evidently developed from a polypectomy I had in 1989. For several years these digestive problems were continually mis-diagnosed. Now I believe my problems are from the adhesions. My Dr's (Internist and Gastroenterologist) say that any surgery performed will just create additional adhesions. They also say I have IBS but I believe the adhesions are the culprit. I have altered my diet limiting carbohydrates, and absolutely no processed sugar as it creates gas which is the worst. I take Donatal for intestinal spasms. I have a BM every day, however they are soft and pencil thin. Drinking water and daily excercise is crucial for me. I have not lost any weight, as a matter of fact, I am overweight even though I eat very little meat, virtually no fat and no starch. This makes me wonder if there are absorption problems.

I don't feel I have all the information that might be available. I have many many questions. My Dr's appear to have limited knowledge. I am retired and live in AZ. Any suggestions as to where I can get my questions answered?

Questions Like: Once they have formed, how rapidly do they grow or spread? Is there a point where the growth stops? How can the extent of their growth or spread be determined? Should I be concerned that they may be attached to other organs? Could they be the cause of abdominal distension (when no gas is present and BM's are regular) because of the extra tissue that has formed? What is the prognosis for people with abdominal adhesions or is there one? Are there suggestions for living with and successfully managing adhesions?

Sorry to be so long-winded. I am new at this.

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