post op pain

From: Stacey (
Sun Feb 25 20:26:48 2001

Hi everyone, I have not posted in awhile, still been trying to heal from my laparotomy for my adhesions on 01-31-01. I have been feeling a little better. The reason the surgery was performed was because I had surgery on 10-17-00 and developed a quite large hematoma on my bladder that was causing extreme pain and was not going anywhere. I am happy to say that the pain from that cyst is completely gone. While my surgeon was in there he lysed adhesions that had grown since the surgery in October. He said I was a complete mess again. It is just a viscious cycle. My post op pain is minimal but the adhesion pain is coming back full force. He even used Interceed barrier on this last surgery. I don't know what I was expecting I should have known that they would not just go away after having 6 major surgeries for these problems. It is just such a disappointment when you are hoping so much for relief and it doesn't happen. I know exactly what everyone means about people treating you different when you have a chronic dibilitating illness. I have no friends at all, only my boyfriend and my mother. I know my mother will never leave my side, but even my boyfriend is getting tired of my constant state of pain and numerous trips to the er and all of the surgeries. I just wanted to let everyone know how I am doing and let you know that if feels really good to have a group of wonderful people like you to lean on.

In friendship Stacey


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