Re: support needed!

From: toni welsh (
Sun Feb 25 18:42:44 2001

At Sun, 25 Feb 2001, Suze wrote: >
>Dear Jenny,
>My heart goes out to you, really wish there was something I could say that
>would help you right now but there isnt. I can understand your pain your
>sence of loss, I had the same thing happen to me three years ago, and I put it
>down to my illness, dont think he could cope with me been so sick, he wanted
>me out working!!
>I have come through it ok and now have the most wonderful man in the world who
>supports me totally and is such a help with my problems. so there can be light
>at the end of the tunnel, but right now you will say oh yeah right...hang in
>there and dont do what i did where i blamed myself and my sickness, you are
>not to blame over any of this , hang in there, and you will be in my thoughts
>and if you would like to email please do im here for you.
>Take care
>lots of hugs
>jenny wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm in need of a bit of support. I discovered a couple of weeks ago
>> that my husband has been having an affair with a 'friend' of mine for
>> the last 15 months. I have now moved out of our home, but still
>> struggling with not only the pain of adhesions, but the pain of the loss
>> of him and my beloved dogs.
>> Any support appreciated!!
>> love,
>> Jenny L (Scotland)


I will pray, for you through this awful time to deal with the pain from adhesions, if you need to talk you can email me, I will try to help!


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