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From: Suze (
Sat Feb 24 21:55:51 2001

Hi Millie,

Most times i have had the tube put down because of vomiting. When I couldnt even keep sips of water down. They put the tube down to stop the vomiting so they can drain out anything in your stomach. I woke up from my last op with it in so I wouldnt start vomiting and also so the bowel would have nothing to do and let it heal a bit. They are uncomfortable but dont cause major pain while in there, the worst is its like having a sore throat but they do have sprays as somone else mentioned here that does help. Hard to know when you have a complete blockage as everyone is so different, I suffer from partical blockages all the time and these dont show up in any test at all so is very frustrating...with a complete blockage they do show up with barrium meal or swallow. How do you tell well thats a hard one, my last one was couldnt have a bowel motion, excessive pain and lots of vomiting in the end. but everyone is different!! maybe you should go back to your gp and have a talk with them? sometimes the er people are so busy they dont seem to care. But dont be scared of the tube im sure you will cope with it. As my mum kept telling me as I grew up was God never gives us anything we *cant* cope with...BUT i reckon he sure pushes his luck some days.....*Smile* try to keep your chin up and keep trying anything to make it better and this group has taught me never give up tommorrow just might be better. Take care Suze

Millie wrote:

> Dear Suze,
> I forgot to ask you how do they know when they have to put down a
> What helps them decide they have to do it? How did you knowwhen you had a
> blockage ? Did you vomit, or become distended? I am so scared of that tube,
> but what can you do? Did they find a blockage on regular plain film xrays?
> Thanks for caring.
> Millie

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> > Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time, l have had a lot of the
> > same trouble as you and its very hard to face everyday, my main
> > objective in all this horror is to keep my sence of humor and keep
> > postive but no easy when the pain is really bad some days, my thoughts
> > are with you...
> > As to the NG tube ive had it many times, put down while awake and also
> > in threatre which is better because you are asleep BUT they arent
> > pleasant but what is with the things they do to our bodies? but you can
> > cope with them and its like having a sore troat i find if i start to
> > panic with it in long deep breaths really help its great for getting
> > your bowel to heal. Its not nice getting out either but again a deep
> > breath and its out they pull it out very quickly. its unpleasant like a
> > lot of things but dont be scared of it. I still hate having to have one
> > but they do help with getting through.
> > hope this helps you
> > take care
> > Suze
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