My letter to: JEAN from Pennsylvania about Dr. Redan....

From: Helen Dynda (
Sat Feb 24 21:36:27 2001

Jean ( ) from Pennsylvania said: "I asked my MD to write a referral paper for Dr. Redan cause even though I don't need referrals I read on here that it may help prevent insurance problems. He refused, since he never heard of them.

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Dear Jean, I am so sorry to hear that your doctor refused to give you a referral to Dr. Redan.

You might ask your doctor if he has ever heard of Dr. Harry Reich. Dr. Reich is "the most talented laparoscopic surgeon in the world!!" Dr. Reich performs surgery at both Community Memorial Hospital ( CMC ) in Scranton, PA and at St. Vincents' Hospital in New York City. Since you are from Pennsylvania, surely your doctor has heard of Dr. Reich.

In April 1999, Dr. Reich performed a successful adhesiolysis procedure for Deb. I saw Deb's video -- her abdominal and pelvic organs were completely covered with adhesions!!. It took Dr. Reich 10 hours to complete Deb's surgery!!! Deb is pain free today!!

For a long time Dr. Reich realized that postsurgical adhesions have been causing so many people problems with chronic pain, infertility, bowel obstructions, etc. Since he had been experiencing success with his adhesiolysis procedures, Dr. Reich made a decision to specialize in performing adhesiolysis procedures. Since Dr. Reich's specialty is Ob/Gyn, he needed to find a General Surgeon to be his surgical partner. It was then that Dr. Reich personally chose Dr. Jay Redan to be his surgical partner. Dr. Redan is a very skilled and experienced laparoscopic surgeon too.

On May 1, 2000 these two surgeons opened the very first Adhesions Unit in the United States at CMC. Since then Dr. Reich has been working very closely with Dr. Redan -- at both CMC and St. Vincents Hospital -- specializing in adhesiolysis procedures.

When adhesion involvement is very severe, such as in Deb's case, it is extremely important that the surgeon is very meticulous as well as extremely cautious as he lyses adhesions...for the safety of the patient and to give the patient the very best chance to become pain free. The surgeon must be sure that there is NO blood or other debris ( such as talc from the surgeon's gloves, lint from sponges, etc.) left in the abdominal cavity. He must also be very careful so that he does not traumatize internal organs. All of this takes time...a lot of time, if the lysis of adhesions is going to be a success!!

When a surgeon tries to complete an adhesiolysis procedure in a maximum of 1-2 hours, the surgeon's decision -- to complete the adhesiolysis procedure within this time frame -- does NOT show consideration for the safety and well-being of the patient. Chances are the surgeon is "rushing" the adhesiolysis procedure simply because he knows that an adhesiolysis procedure is the "most underpaid" surgical procedure that Medicare and other insurance companies reimburse the surgeon for.!!!!!!!

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