Re: Millie

From: Kate Murphy (
Sun Feb 25 07:47:22 2001

On 24 Feb 2001, at 22:58, Suze wrote:

> But dont be scared of the tube im sure you will cope with it. As my mum kept
> telling me as I grew up was God never gives us anything we *cant* cope
> with...BUT i reckon he sure pushes his luck some days.....*Smile*

I've heard that expression many times, but I always thought it was a bit difficult to accept. Does God send harder things to stronger people? If I've had a heavier load to carry, is it because I am somehow stronger and better?

I didn't like the idea of God as some sort of Big Personal Trainer adding weight to test our strength.

Then I began to turn it around a bit -- There is nothing so big that God won't help you carry it. Now the weakest, whinyest ball of terror -- that's me, sometimes -- can have big problems, heavy loads and God will increase her strength until she is able to cope.

And you don't even have to ask!



PS -- Millie, why don't you tell us the most terrible thing that could happen when the NG tube is necessary. Write down all of what you are afraid of. Maybe we can help you "de-terror" that tube!


Kate Murphy

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