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From: Millie (
Sat Feb 24 20:48:59 2001

Dear Suze, I forgot to ask you how do they know when they have to put down a What helps them decide they have to do it? How did you knowwhen you had a blockage ? Did you vomit, or become distended? I am so scared of that tube, but what can you do? Did they find a blockage on regular plain film xrays? Thanks for caring. Millie

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> Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time, l have had a lot of the
> same trouble as you and its very hard to face everyday, my main
> objective in all this horror is to keep my sence of humor and keep
> postive but no easy when the pain is really bad some days, my thoughts
> are with you...
> As to the NG tube ive had it many times, put down while awake and also
> in threatre which is better because you are asleep BUT they arent
> pleasant but what is with the things they do to our bodies? but you can
> cope with them and its like having a sore troat i find if i start to
> panic with it in long deep breaths really help its great for getting
> your bowel to heal. Its not nice getting out either but again a deep
> breath and its out they pull it out very quickly. its unpleasant like a
> lot of things but dont be scared of it. I still hate having to have one
> but they do help with getting through.
> hope this helps you
> take care
> Suze

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