Re: Why is my surgeon giving me such a hard time?

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Sat Feb 24 06:30:00 2001

At Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Millie wrote: >
>You had a nightmare,too. It changes you for life when these things happen. I
>cannot afford to go through too much more. I have lost a lot of weight.
>Everyone comments on it - like I can't look in the mirror.
>Did the gastric tube hurt? Is that the nasogastric tube,or another kind? I
>am scared to death of them, even though I haven't yet had one.

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>> At Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Millie wrote:
>> >
>> >Se,
>> >I am going through hell, too. All because of a TAH that I find out I
>> >need. She left the right ovary.She said the path. was o.k. She said the
>> >organs she removed were in pretty good shape.So why did she mangle me? I
>> >have hurt every day and night since I came home. Bowel function is not
>> >She laughed at me and called me her "colicky baby." She tried to pass it
>> >as irritable bowel, becase it was the lazy way out to read my past
>> >and not consider she hacked me up. You don't know what this has done to
>> >mentally and physically. i have a lot of bowel problems, and pain so I
>> >standup straight, walk right, sit for too long, or lay down certain ways.
>> >don't see anything ever improving - here it is over 3 weeks. I am mad at
>> >women I know here. They all were glad they had theirs done. NOT ME!!!! I
>> >guess I can't blame them, though. Yes, adhesions can and do re-form after
>> >surgery, the more they cut and move things around, the more adhesions
>> >get. I bet I am 10-fold with them since the surgery. She was supposed to
>> >have cut them, and put in Interceed. But I read where that's not a sure
>> >cure all. She found minimal endo, which according to the post op report,
>> >did nothing with. I read somewhere that women ob/gyns are more apt to
>> >you up. I don't know why. I never should have agreed to let her even cut
>> >me, because once they have you under, they can do whatever they want. I
>> >sorry I'm so bitter, but I can't be left like this, or worse, forever. I
>> >have thought about the pill route,too, but with my luck, it would
>> >and leave me worse off! LOL. My gastro gave the whole dept. orders not to
>> >accept any more messages from me - he said because I called the office
>> >much, as well as after hours. I thought that's what they are there for.
>> >sid I'd have to see their psychologist, or he wouldn't keep me as a
>> >I told the psychologist that since what happened to my Mom, and to me,
>> >I don't trust many Ds. - including that ob/gyn. But I bet the gastro
>> >my money, and the ins. co. money. Someday I pray to be better so i can go
>> >there and tell them all what I think of them - especially the ob/gyn. A
>> >of them just don't care. You're just a $ sign.
>> >Keep in touch.
>> >Millie
>> Millie,
>> I have had MANY empathetic doctors in the past.
>> The only really good empathetic one retired on me!!!
>> He was a GYN who only dealt with womanly problems, not childbirth
>> anymore.
>> The ovary he took out (last one) was attached to my vaginal wall inside
>> by adhesions. It also had cysts on it.
>> He even said after his surgery "no wonder you were in so much pain". He
>> said he had never seen anything like it in all his years of practice.
>> He also found adhesions on the peritoneum and gall-bladder.
>> The doctor who took the 1st ovary was a completely different story!!!
>> He did my first ovary surgery but said nothing was wrong with me when I
>> went back with the problems with the 2nd ovary......RIGHT!
>> I got my reports from him a few days ago and I saw he even wrote on his
>> reports that I have an extremely "low tolerance for pain"!!!.....after
>> all I have endured over my lifetime and 17 surgeries!
>> During surgery he had:
>> 1. removed the ovary from the bowel which it was firmly adhered to,
>> which also had cysts on it. He even said it took an extreme amount of
>> time to get it off of the bowel.
>> 2. had to remove the ovary and tubes completely.
>> 3. repaired (sewed) my bowel, so he must have punctured it getting the
>> ovary loose.
>> 4. removed part of my Omentum
>> 5. removed silk sutures which he said were imbedded terribly in my
>> Omentum for some reason. He had to give up cause it was impossible to
>> get them all.........
>> BUT he couldn't understand why I was in allot of pain afterward!!
>> This was all done with a full sized laparotomy incision, plus my bowels
>> were all messed up from him working on them and I couldn't go or let any
>> gas afterward (intestines go into shock).
>> He didn't think I should have needed pain pills 2 days later. I finally
>> had my husband sneak my Herb-lax into the hospital and after I took them
>> I passed allot of gas, moved my bowels and was ok!!
>> There are allot of doctors out there who probably have never even
>> experienced pain of surgery themselves, let alone adhesions!!
>> With my other 2 adhesion surgeries (different doctor) which involved the
>> bowels and a laparotomy incision I had a gastric tube inserted so I
>> wouldn't "blow up" and get as much pain when the bowels went into shock.
>> JEAN (from PA)

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>> >Subject: Why is my surgeon giving me such a hard time?
>> >
>> >> Dr. Wiseman stated in a recent chat, "even the most skilled surgeons
>> >> will have adhesions come back - the trick is to get someone who will
>> >> work with you."
>> >>
>> >> Hello everyone. I've only posted perhaps a couple of times here mostly
>> >> due to the fact that I'm not so sure that I have much to offer in the
>> >> way of help to others. I'm still learning.
>> >>
>> >> Nearly two years ago, a laparoscopy was performed on me by a very, very
>> >> skilled surgeon. Endometriosis was found and treated along with
>> >> adhesions which were lysed. Ovary adhered to pelvic sidewall and
>> >> sigmoid colon. Until I had recuperated from the surgery, I had no idea
>> >> what normal bowel function was! With the exception of some monthly
>> >> I was well for approximately 7 months. Constipation returned, but even
>> >> worse along with tremendous abdominal distention, pain seemingly
>> >> everywhere, pulling sensations, bladder difficulties and more. I have
>> >> now seeked the help of the same surgeon. I have seen innumerable
>> >> specialists and had many, many procedures performed. The surgeon is
>> >> insisting that I have irritable bowel. It truly seems as though he
>> >> doesn't want to care for me. That scar tissue is out of the question.
>> >> >From what I have read, this seems to be a common concern for many
>> >> people, in that their care givers are giving up. The
>> >> for one, would rather not put that label on me until I've had another
>> >> lap to rule out other etiologies (now thats a switch). Other
>> >> have stated that yes, scar tissue is a possibility along with others.
>> >> what's with the surgeon?????????????? I read somewhere that sometimes
>> >> the surgeons have concerns about reimbursement from insurance companies
>> >> due to the nature of the surgery. I have insurance and am quite
>> >> of paying for the balance.
>> >>
>> >> Does anyone have any insight as to why the surgeon is causing me more
>> >> grief than what I'm already going through? I'm totally miserable. I
>> >> feel as though I must be insane or something. I feel like I'm being
>> >> dumped. There was one instance for example, that I made a mistake with
>> >> my pain meds, stumbled to bed, realized what I had done and thought to
>> >> myself, "oh well, maybe I won't wake up" and went to sleep.
>> >>
>> >> Any input would be greatly appreciated.
>> >>
>> >> Sue
>> >>
>> --
>> Jean (from PA)

My gyn removed my omemtum, he said that is the part that adhers the most after surgery, I know it is the fatty tissue that protects something there, but what is it for? Does anyone know?

Toni >>

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