Re: Surgery Update on Dee G.

From: toni welsh (
Sat Feb 24 06:26:39 2001

At Sat, 24 Feb 2001, Pam Markford wrote: >
>Dear IAS Family,
>I just received word from Dr. Redan that Dee Galbreath's surgery "Went
>well. She did have some extensive adhesions both abdominally and
>pelvically." Her surgery was done later in the afternoon so she will
>stay overnight in the hospital. DR. Reich/Redan/ & Gerhart once again
>were able to acclomplish adhesion lyosis laparoscopically! WE are so
>very priviledged to have these wonderful doctors that have such a
>compassionate way about them! God Bless our Special Docotrs and keep
>them happy,healthy and wise so that they may continue with their
>wonderful skills.
>Dee & Alan, rest up and take comfort in knowing that you all are being
>prayed for. Our prayers are for a speedy and thorough recovery. Who
>knows maybe these Floridians will show us that they can have a playful
>snowball fight!! Ha HA laughing out loud at this picture. God Bless and
>Rest Well!
>In Loving Friendship,
> Pam Markford

So gald to hear that Dee'surgery went well,and hope that is the end of her suffering. I sure wish I could afford those drs, but right, that is not possible to pay that much out of pocket, if insurance covered it I would definitely see them.


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