Re: Robin

Sat Feb 24 11:51:44 2001

Hi Robin

I am new here too.I had 2 c-sections in 1988 and one in 1990 Ihad my gal bladder removed during my second pregancy. I had my tubes tied in 1991 then in 1992 I had my right ovaries removed becauseof cysts then in 1994 I had a complete hystrectomy and I had lap in may of 2000 for my adhesions on my instestines and small bowel then in August of 2000 dr wilson opened me up along my c-section cut to try to give me some releif but here I am again 31 years old I can not eat and the pain is unbearable my insurance has changed and now I am dealing with someone who knows less than I do about adhesions I have to deal without any pain releif and I cry almost contsantly when it gets real bad I go to the er and the head dr there knows how it feels because his grandmother suffered for years with adhesions. So hang in there and don't give up. I hang on to a thread of hope that someone will help me. Tired and feeling useless in Tenn. I wish you luck and will keep you close to heart in my prayers.

wishing you the best


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