Surgery Update on Dee G.

From: Pam Markford (
Fri Feb 23 23:01:43 2001

Dear IAS Family, I just received word from Dr. Redan that Dee Galbreath's surgery "Went well. She did have some extensive adhesions both abdominally and pelvically." Her surgery was done later in the afternoon so she will stay overnight in the hospital. DR. Reich/Redan/ & Gerhart once again were able to acclomplish adhesion lyosis laparoscopically! WE are so very priviledged to have these wonderful doctors that have such a compassionate way about them! God Bless our Special Docotrs and keep them happy,healthy and wise so that they may continue with their wonderful skills. Dee & Alan, rest up and take comfort in knowing that you all are being prayed for. Our prayers are for a speedy and thorough recovery. Who knows maybe these Floridians will show us that they can have a playful snowball fight!! Ha HA laughing out loud at this picture. God Bless and Rest Well!

In Loving Friendship,
     Pam Markford

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