From: toni welsh (
Sat Feb 24 06:23:03 2001

At Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Norma wrote: >
>Since i last wrote to the message board Stephen is yet again in
>hospital. He has been in noe for8 days and is in a lot of pain and
>vomiting his bowel is enlarged and causing concern help I am so worried.
>We are from Scotland and there is no society that i know of here. Thanks
>to Nancy for answering my last letter. I am so worried he is so
>depressed not the same happy loving outgoing son.The docs do not want to
>operate and are content to wait for it to settle. Is there hope?
>Kate I have been reading the message board with interest your's especially helped. I am writing about my son who has had adhesions for 8yrs now. He had an op when he was 6 and did not suffer any then it started when he was 11 and started growing. He suffers severe pain vomiting and bowel probs. He has been out and in hospital several times I was interested in the PCA machine you spoke of. We are in Scotland is it available here? I AM SORRY TO HEAR OF YOUR PROBS ARE YOU WELL NOW?

I am sorry, but how old is oyur son? Did they say that one adhesion was casung all the problems, I am sorry I do not remeber all your posts.


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