Re: Fleet- Yuk!!!

From: Tami Dana (
Thu Feb 22 22:00:27 2001

At Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Kate Murphy wrote: >
>On 22 Feb 2001, at 6:33, Tami Dana wrote:
>> I just had to take the Fleet kit #1 and oh my gosh! I know what you mean
>> about the phospo soda stuff, It took everything in my soul not to hurl
>> that stuff back up! I actually cried while I drank it =(
>> There are pills you can take instead of the Fleet soda stuff?? Please
>> let me know what they are? I had to take the Fleet kit for a barium
>> enema I had on Weds (yesterday) and next they want to do a
>> colonoscopy... Can you tell me what that was like and if it is painful?
>The pill prep is called Visicol. It is new -- just approved last year
>and just on the market last month. Your doctor may not know
>about it, but it has been shown to be as effective in cleaning the
>bowel as Fleets.
>If you get stuck with Fleets, be sure it is very cold. I add a bit of
>lemon juice and follow it with ginger ale or something very tasty. I
>used to use cranberry juice, which worked well, but I foolishly
>decided to mix it directly in the cranberry juice. Now I can't even
>sniff cranberries without gagging. So don't mix it in anything you
>really love.
>Colonoscopy should not be painful. They will give you a good
>wallop of Versed and demerol by IV. Most people report that they
>felt a cramp and then went to sleep. If it hurts, YELL! The drugs
>can be increased and the procedure slowed. If the pain or difficult
>inserting the scope continues, the whole thing can be ended.
>I now have mine done under general anesthesia because of all the
>surgery and scarring. They also use a pediatric scope. Discuss
>your concerns with the gastroenterologist prior to the procedure.
>Don't feel like a wimp.
>Let him know of the problems with the barium enema.
>Please don't put off the colonoscopy because of worries about
>pain. It can be a life saving procedure. Colon cancer grows from
>small polyps in the colon that start out harmless (benign) and
>become cancerous. Removing them prevents colon cancer.
>Finding an early cancer can lead to 90% cure.
>Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the
>US, and it can be prevented. So . . . don't avoid those tests!
>Kate Murphy

Kate, Thank you for all the info, I was really scared about the colonoscopy..I figured they did it the same way as with the barium enema, I am SO relieved to know that they sedate you somewhat before and during the procedure. Also thank you for the name of that pill, I will for sure discuss it with my doc so that when the time comes for the colonoscopy, I may not have to do the Fleet kit again. Take care all.. *Hugs* Tami >

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