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Fri Feb 23 14:49:12 2001

At Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Tami Dana wrote: >
>At Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Kate Murphy wrote:
>>On 22 Feb 2001, at 6:33, Tami Dana wrote:
>>> I just had to take the Fleet kit #1 and oh my gosh! I know what you mean
>>> about the phospo soda stuff, It took everything in my soul not to hurl
>>> that stuff back up! I actually cried while I drank it =(
>>> There are pills you can take instead of the Fleet soda stuff?? Please
>>> let me know what they are? I had to take the Fleet kit for a barium
>>> enema I had on Weds (yesterday) and next they want to do a
>>> colonoscopy... Can you tell me what that was like and if it is painful?
>>The pill prep is called Visicol. It is new -- just approved last year
>>and just on the market last month. Your doctor may not know
>>about it, but it has been shown to be as effective in cleaning the
>>bowel as Fleets.
>>If you get stuck with Fleets, be sure it is very cold. I add a bit of
>>lemon juice and follow it with ginger ale or something very tasty. I
>>used to use cranberry juice, which worked well, but I foolishly
>>decided to mix it directly in the cranberry juice. Now I can't even
>>sniff cranberries without gagging. So don't mix it in anything you
>>really love.
>>Colonoscopy should not be painful. They will give you a good
>>wallop of Versed and demerol by IV. Most people report that they
>>felt a cramp and then went to sleep. If it hurts, YELL! The drugs
>>can be increased and the procedure slowed. If the pain or difficult
>>inserting the scope continues, the whole thing can be ended.
>>I now have mine done under general anesthesia because of all the
>>surgery and scarring. They also use a pediatric scope. Discuss
>>your concerns with the gastroenterologist prior to the procedure.
>>Don't feel like a wimp.
>>Let him know of the problems with the barium enema.
>>Please don't put off the colonoscopy because of worries about
>>pain. It can be a life saving procedure. Colon cancer grows from
>>small polyps in the colon that start out harmless (benign) and
>>become cancerous. Removing them prevents colon cancer.
>>Finding an early cancer can lead to 90% cure.
>>Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the
>>US, and it can be prevented. So . . . don't avoid those tests!
>>Kate Murphy
>Thank you for all the info, I was really scared about the colonoscopy..I
>figured they did it the same way as with the barium enema, I am SO
>relieved to know that they sedate you somewhat before and during the
>procedure. Also thank you for the name of that pill, I will for sure
>discuss it with my doc so that when the time comes for the colonoscopy,
>I may not have to do the Fleet kit again.
>Take care all..

Kate, I asked Dr. Redan about the pill (Viscol)instead of the Fleets-Phoso before "surgery" but he said it can't be used. It isn't approved for bowel surgery. He said the "mechanical" effect of the other agents is what decreases the bacteria in your bowel which makes it safer and less chance of infection. He said the only other alternatives would be Golytely and I know my stomach & Hiatal Hernia would never handle a whole gallon of that either. Another alternative would be only liquids for 3 days and enemas. I would be ok with the enemas, but I know between my low blood pressure, very limited choices of liquids my body can handle, and my ulcer needing food, I also couldn't do that without burning up really bad and getting extremely weak. I get anemic very fast and then need blood transfusions. Guess I will have to take my chances on throwing up the Fleets-Phoso cause my ulcer & hiatal hernia do not handle carbonation.....let alone the yucky taste. I stopped all carbonation about 20 years ago! No matter which way I go wouldn't be good.

Maybe Viscol can be used for diagnostic procedures though.

I also can't handle Barium Enemas, Colonoscopies or Sigmoidoscopies anymore. The doctors who did mine must have been Sadists though, cause now I hear allot of people getting intravenous sedation and totally asleep for the colonoscopy. I was totally awake and very alert through my entire Colonoscopy and won't let anyone ever do it that way again!

JEAN (from PA)

Jean (from PA)

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