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Thu Feb 22 21:03:43 2001

Dear Karen, I read your message to Dee. What did your adhesion problem come from? I had an un-needed TAH in January. She left only the right ovary. She said the organs were in pretty good shape, and the path. came back o.k. So I am horrified to see I was butchered for nothing, only to have more problems. I am having a lot of bowel problems since. She did cut adhesions around the bowel. She called me her colicky baby when I told her 1 to 2 weeks ago that I had pain and problems then. I am so angry at myself for letting her even cut me, now that I see her attitude. Tomorrow I meet with Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich in Scranton. I hope they can get me straightened out. I cannot go on like this much longer. Please get back to me when you can. Millie

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I am thrilled to hear how your appointment went with Dr. Redan and Dr. Gerhart. My surgery is one month from today (March 22), I too am looking forward to meeting these highly compassionate doctors. I wish you the best tomorrow and will be thinking of you. Fill us in when you return! Where in Florida are you from? It snowed here in Virginia today also, about 5 inches or so. What a switch from 68 the other day. Then it's back into the 50's over the weekend. The weather can't make up it's mind.

Best of Health tomorrow and always!

Karen Carter

Karen Carter

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