Re: Tips to keep Fleets Phospho-soda down

From: Karla (
Thu Feb 22 23:28:50 2001

They actually have flavored golytely now....but as far as I am concerned it tastes no better. In the past I have had to have an ng tube put in just to get the golytely down and even then I still would vomit it back up. I was being prepared for surgery for a fistula a while back and between the golytely coming out the fistula and my vomiting my electrolytes went so badly out of control they had to postpone the surgery. Now the doctor just has me drink a couple of mag citrates....after being on a liquid diet for a few days. While the mag citrate is nasty tasting it isn't quite as bad as the golytely and it stays down.


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> When I had to use the Golytely for one of my surgeries, the pharmacist told > my husband I could've mixed it with Crystal Lite. I didn't know it at the > time or I would of tried it. But it is worth a shot for those who are facing > drinking that awful stuff. If I ever have to do it again, that is the way I > would go. Fortunately for my past surgery I worked out a deal with my > doctor. I went on clear liquids 2 days prior to my surgery. Then the night > before and then the morning of I used a Fleet enema. It was much better than > having to use the Fleets prep kit or the Golytely. Hope this helps. > > >From: (Helen Dynda) > >Reply-To: > >To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS > ><> > >Subject: Tips to keep Fleets Phospho-soda down > >Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 11:14:14 -0600 > > > >Tips to keep Fleets Phospho-soda down.... > >From: chris ( > >Fri, 23 Jul 1999 08:26:10 -0500 (CDT) > > > >These tips were given to me by a GI doctor's office. They told me the > >manufacturer of the stuff provided them (after receiving too many > >complaints, I guess.) > > > >1.) Drink clear liquid 15-20 minutes BEFORE taking the prep ( in other > >words, don't take on empty stomach ). > > > >2.) Mix Fleets phospho-soda with a soft drink or Kool Aid. > > > >3.) Drink this mixture and follow with 1 glass of clear liquid. > > > >4.) Wait awhile before continuing with clear liquids. Do not lie down. > > > >5.) Continue with clear liquids -- waiting 10 hours between first and > >second doses of the prep. > > > >6.) Avoid fruit juices immediately before and after prep doses. > > > >7.) Drink second prep following tips # 1, # 2, and # 3. > > > >If these tips conflict with your doctor's instructions, consult his/her > >office. I can't say that they work or don't work...because I don't > >usually have any problems keeping things down. > > > >I don't know about Golytely. I've never tried it. Just looking at it > >is enough for me. The person, who gave it that name, should be > >tortured; but I think the "lytely" part refers to electrolytes and not > >to the fact that you go "litely". > > > >Chris S. > > >

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