Re: reoccuring small bowel obstructions

From: Janet Karam (
Thu Feb 22 13:53:59 2001

Hi Sheila,

Welcome to the IAS site, I'm glad you found us. Many here are on modified diets to help with symptoms, and do avoid complications.

Helen Dynda has provided us with alot of information on diet, which you'll be able to search in the message board archives. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the space to enter your search. What worked for me in the beginning ws a low residue diet, now I am almost completely on liquids.

I am opting for surgery, scheduled March 15 in PA, because I am 33 and mostly as I know and love has ceased to be, and I desperately want it back.

I understand you're wanting to avoid surgery though, and I hope you can. What worked best for me to manage my symptoms and pain in the beginning, was oriental medicine...which is acupuncture combined with a chinese herbal remedy tailored especially for you. If you haven't tried this you might give it a shot.

I have been afraid of full bowel obstructions, and am at risk due to the affect of adhesions on my bowel. I have not been able to eat fresh fruit or vegetables for over 2 years, as I burp them up....same with solid food now. For a while I was able to eat steamed broccoli and carrots(steamed to complete mushiness), and white fish every now and then(like orange roughy-which is very light).

I lean towards costipation though, and it sounds like you have the opposite problem.

Do look in the archives, there is tons of excellent information there.



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