Re: Hi Chris!

From: Chris S (
Thu Feb 22 15:16:03 2001

At Thu, 22 Feb 2001, toni welsh wrote: >
>Hello there Chris, you were my God send a few years ago, I hope you are
>doing okay. I am seriously considering the general surgeon soo, to at
>leats see what he says. I am tired of medication, and the bowel
>situation is AWFUL! Just trying to hang in there. Good to see you here,
>been a long time.

Hi Toni: This is so weird. I am almost never here, but this afternoon decided to check in to see if Toni is still here and how she is doing and I find Helen posting my fleets tips and you saying hello. Whether or not the general surgeon was successful for me or not is still a big question. Don't know if my problems were due to adhesions or not. I certainly had them and he said he fixed them. I still have occasional pain, nothing like before, and I am sure the current pain is from my back. Whether it was before or not-who knows? He used ringer's lactate and the only way to tell if they reoccurred would be to go in and look I guess. If they have reformed, they are not causing major problems. If I ever have to have another colonoscopy I won't have it until someone decides what direction my sigmoid colon is going in! The last time it was plastered to my right pelvic wall, no wonder the procedure hurt. I read your post about surgeon's attitudes about having another doctor in with them. The general surgeon who did my second lap would not do it *without* my gyn being present. It sounds like you are doing okay! I am, although I now have arm tendonitis and cardiac problems to deal with.

Best wishes, Chris S.

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