Dr. Redan

From: edward vinson (argent@hemc.net)
Wed Feb 21 13:40:05 2001

Hi Jim, I am sure you feel out numbered on this site but I wanted you to know that my father also suffers from adhesions, he is 73 years old and in excellent health though. He doesn't have adhesions to the extent I do (and apparently you) but every time he has had surgery they come out saying (adhesions were a contributing factor). His last surgery was for a hernia and his surgeon "only wanted to repair it when it is mandatory" which I found ludicrous considering my father's age, etc. but it became "mandatory" and when he went it he found adhesions had become entangled with the hernia making the situation and pain my father was going through worse. I felt like telling the doctor sarcastically "what a surprise" but I didn't since my father likes this surgeon and he is actually very good with dad, even though I can't stand him.

Just a note to let you know you are not the lone man suffering and I am very sorry you have been going through what you have. Even though I am a woman I can empathize with you and wish you painfree life soon.

Sincerely, ann-georgia

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