Re: Dr. Redan

From: Janet Karam (
Tue Feb 20 14:41:46 2001

Dear Jim,

I am glad you found our site. I know you must feel outnumbered like you say, but we do have men post from time to time. Most of us suffer from post-surgical adhesions and/or endemitriosis.

Re: Dr. Redan, he is a very caring doctor, and has been quick to respond to those who are suffering with ARD, and write in for information...he tried to contact me the day after Christmas, when he received my medical records!

Is it worth the expense/money down? For me yes....I am 33, just got out of bed a few minutes ago, and will probably return to bed in another few minutes...that is how I spend my days as I know it is gone until I get help.

I had an adhesiolysis Oct'99, from one of the best general surgeons in Denver, after a colon resection 7 months prior that removed 18" of healthy colon to remove a 4cm benign polyp. Additional adhesions formed after my adhesiolysis, the surgeon as good as his reputation, was not educated on the treatment of I am worse than before.

I will be traveling from Denver in the middle of March for surgery in PA, I have have waited already 2 months for this surgery, and will wait 24 more it worth it for me, yes.

I want my life back...I've lost almost everything to this disease except my spirit that cries to move and play, and run. I have lived on a mostly lioquid diet for more than a year out of the last 2, because I have partial bowel obstructions that make eating solid food not only risky, but painful, and constipating.

You are fortunate to have these exceptional doctors in reasonable driving distance.

I have contacted several who have had this surgery, one has 19 months, I know of one with over 2 years, and another with 4 months...Does everyone recover from this adhesiolysis with a reprieve from adhesions forever, unfortunately the answer is no. Do I believe that we have our best chance with these doctors...yes.

I have never heard of an "extremely high" morbitity rate due to laparoscopic adhesiolysis.

We are here for you, you have the same pain and suffering that we are all very familiar with.



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