The UK Adhesions Society...

From: Helen Dynda (
Wed Feb 21 13:16:30 2001

The UK Adhesion Society

Katherine Findlay from the UK has set up a website for the people of The United Kingdom.

Why have an adhesions website for the UNITED KINGDOM?

The United Kingdom Adhesions Society (UKAS) website is not meant to take the place of the International Adhesions Society (IAS) ; but rather it is meant to enhance it.

The UKAS website is affiliated with the International Adhesions Society

The UK Adhesion Society website was formed in 1998; and went online in the year 2000 as an Internet-based member support group. Our objectives are the same as the IAS: to provide information about adhesions and adhesion-related disorders (ARD). The information provided will be specifically relevant to the countries that make up Great Britain.

We offer a discussion forum, a mailing list, and a chat room ( open 24 hours over 7 days...and available also to IAS members ) for the support of members suffering from pain and other discomforts brought on by this debilitating condition.

The UKAS website is where people, who suffer from ARD, can share their experiences, comfort each other, and learn more about adhesion-related disorder. You will learn that not all is futile in the battle against adhesion-related disorder (ARD).

We wish to raise the level of awareness among doctors and the medical profession; and we also wish to seek out surgeons in the United Kingdom, who have expertise in adhesiolysis procedures ( the lysis or cutting of adhesions ).

By starting this society, which is meant specifically for the people of the United Kingdom, we hope that we will help spread the message, "Adhesions DO indeed cause pain!" By joining hands with the International Adhesions Society, people from the United Kingdom will know that they are NOT alone!"

For further information contact Kath Findlay:

The UK Adhesion Society

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