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The UK Adhesions Society

1.) Welcome to The UKAS Chat Room

2.) Tree of Life -

The Tree of Life Book of Stories

Of all the heavenly gifts that mortal men commend,

What treasure in the world, can countervail a friend,

We'll be there through the helplessness, together unto the end,

The Tree of Life is your support your family your friend,

Oh Father in heaven, look down on me,

When first you see this Adhesion tree, I pray remember me

This Tree of Life is here to demonstrate the National implications of Adhesions and their related disorders. To stand as a silent testament to the pain and suffering caused by this life altering disease.

This tree represents the many years of suffering among men and women, diagnosed with Adhesions and their related disorders.

Please submit your details, followed by your story in the box provided. It would be preferable to supply a passport sized photograph of yourself. If you are not sure how to insert the photo, e-mail our Webmaster Kris, on

3.) Frequently Asked Questions

4.) Info Database

5.) UKAS Msg Board

6.) Chat Room - The Chat room is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week !! Suggested time to meet is between 7pm and 8pm GMT. Although if you wish to meet at a more convienient time, then make arrangements with someone else to chat with you .

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