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Tue Feb 20 18:42:24 2001

Dawn, Hi. I don't think I answered you. Today I faxed a handwritten request to that hospital for the pathology report, as well as all written medical records of that ob/gyn. I want to see what she wrote. They told me I wouldn't have to go through her office to get the records. But I know that she wouldn't write certain stuff in there like if she messed up. It should be interesting. If I don't receive them in a week or so, then I will get after them every day if I have to. I am mad at myself for even allowing her to cut me. I am mad at her for not istening, and calling me her Colicky Baby. I will never forgive myself, much less her.I am worse thanever. I don't know how I can even walk into that clinic, let alone her office. Then the gastro left word with his whole dept. that I was not allowed to leave ANY messages until I saw the psychologist he recommended because he said I called the office too much, as well as after hours. I told them didn't they realize I just had major surgery by the ob/gyn they recommended . They don't care. I amsurprised at him . I always really liked him. I can't eat much, and I'm starving. It feels like things don't want to move. Like a 50 lb. weight is pushing/pulling in there. I lost 15 lbs. I weigh 101. I hate to look in the mirror, because it isn't pleasant. Millie

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> Millie
> I know how you feel.I had my right ovaries removed in 1990 and then
in > 1994 I was told I had endo the pain from that seemed unbearable at the
time I > was given a complete historectomy. I thought this is it I am through I
will > be alot better and never hurt again no more painful cycles no more
emergency > surgery.But it is not over yet it seems. I go oputside on my patio when I
> feel my anger building up. I tell everyone in the house I love them but I
> have to step out and sometimes it helps me.I have a wonderful obgyn here
in > Jackson TN and a the head of the hospital has also helped me alot.I see DR
> Donald Wilson and Dr Doug Phillips it is important and very hard to find
> someone to help and who beleives how bad you feel.Don't give up keep
trying > everything you can and you will find someone who will take care of you.My
> wonderful
> husband has to do alot now and I know its hard on him.Sometimes I feel
like I > am such a burden but he is always there saying do it for us for our
children > and I know
> I can't give up because I love them to much to leave them.
> Dawn

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