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From: Millie (
Tue Feb 20 18:32:08 2001

Dear Kate, I hope you are feeling better. How did you end up with adhesions? I had an unneeded TAH in January, and I'm sure I'm filled with adhesions. Steady bad pain and pressure when standing, sitting,laying down, or even walking. I can't stand up straight. My belly still feels puffy. I've lost at least 15 lbs. So now I probably weigh about 101. I hate to see myself in the mirror. I wish I never let her touch me, but what can I do,now? She shrugged off the notion the pain/bowel problems are from surgery. She said irritable bowel, and laughed and called me her colicky baby . I am so disgusted with myself too. Maybe I already asked you, but what foods do you eat to try to prevent it from happening again? I need to find out what I can eat so I don't starve to death. Millie

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> On 19 Feb 2001, at 21:32, Millie wrote:
> > Hi Trace,
> > Thanks for caring. I live in N.Y. state, near the very northern tip of
N.J. > > I am so mortified at this woman, but also at myself for letting her
touch > > me. But I didn't know what she would do to me. Did you ever have a
bowel > > blockage? That's what I dread, because they have to put a tube into your
> > nose,down to your stomach.
> Dear Millie,
> I am recovering from a complete bowel obstruction last summer. I
> agree that it is pretty hard to deal with, including the NG tube.
> However, through many difficulties I have learned that to worry
> about things only makes life much harder. With the extent of my
> adhesion disease, sooner or later this will happen again. My goal
> is to avoid it by eating carefully. Meanwhile, I go on with my life.
> Kate
> Kate Murphy

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