Re: hello Millie and the rest of you ladies!!

From: Millie (
Tue Feb 20 18:30:02 2001

Colette, I am glad you got back to me. I am so mad at that ob/gyn that you don't want to know. I hurt no matter what I do. It hurts if I sit,stand, walk, lie down, or move. Irritable bowel my big toe. It will be irritable me. It already is. I have been to e.r.'s countless times in the past few weeks, because I was afraid of a blockage. They did xrays, and bloodwork and a few times I was hooked to an I.V. They said the xrays at one place showed a clump of stool in the left side.(where she was supposed to have cut adhesions and placed Interceed.) They gave me a little cup of milk of magnesia, a Fleets enema, which I hate, and a suppository, which didn't give much results. The 17th., I went to another e.r. and they hooked me up to an I.V. and ran xrays, bloodwork, and urine tests. The e.r. Dr. was quite surprised when I told him what she did to me. He said he wondered why she took everything, when it looked pretty good. Probably she either hates women, or else she figured big $$$$$$. Then she gave me Bentyl because I told her that a few times after I came home, it was where a tiny bit of diarrhes actually leaked out of me. I told her it feels like nothing will move. Like everything is glued together. She insisted irritable bowel. I wonder how many people are misdiagnosed with IBS when it's endo, and/or adhesions? I have also lost at least 15 lbs. I feel like I am so hungry, but what little I do eat feels like it sits there, and things don't want to pass through. Then you get more pain after you do go. I feel as if I lost the urge. The gastro was no help at all. I called his office a few weeks ago, and the receptionist said he gave the whole Dept. orders not to accept ANY messages from me, because I've called the office too many times, and too many times after hours. He said I'd have to see the psychologist he recommended first. I asked what if it was an emergency - since his office referred me to the ob/gyn, and I am having a lot of problems since the surgery. I was told not even if I felt it was an emergency. These people have put me through a living hell, and I won't ever forgive any of them. The gastro hasn't even seen me since June 2000. It's always the nurse practitioner. I feel so let down. I'm sure they like the insurance company $$ and my $$$. Today I faxed the hospital a handwritten med. records request for the pathology report, as wel as copies of all of her records on me. I want to see what she wrote. The woman told me that I don't have to go through the ob/gyn, which is good. I have to get straightned out, because when I look in the mirror, all I see is a bagof bones whose ribs I can see. I'm lucky if I weigh 100 lbs. I don't want to know right now. Please email me when you get a chance. Millie

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> This is Colette, ya needless to say you guys are right these dr.'s no
> nothing about adhesions now i'm going into battle i can not live like
> this and will not live like this. Millie i have not gone to the
> bathroom right since my surgery TAH. I've tried everything. at the ER
> the wanted to give me an enema i told the forget it ! They don't work
> either and i was sooo tired i swear these dr like to give you things to
> mask the problem instead of addressing the problem.
> Millie you wanted to know what i feel like::Well here it goes. When i
> go to bed i have to take sleeping pills just to go to sleep> Ihate
> getting up in the morning cause the pain wakes me. I get the urge to
> have a BM i run to the toilet and nothing happens i sit there for like
> 1hr and nothing. the other day itried to go and styrained so hard i
> blacked out on the toilet. I just can't go i'v lost 15lbs since my
> surgery and i'm losing iquikly now i can't eat and i get very nausated
> I live in tempe az where all the snowbirds come in the winter so its
> next to immpossible to get an appt with a gastereonoligist i swear to
> god i've called almost everyone and none of them have any openings until
> April! I could be dead by then. If you would like to e-mkail that is
> fine.
> you hang in there girls god knows i'm trying but
> after the ER event i'v lost faith in the medical system no wonder i
> think of killing myself sometimes this is awful!! What keeps me fighting
> is my husband and kids thank god for them or i could'nt do this anymore.

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