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Tue Feb 20 18:15:14 2001

Karla, Hi. I had a TAH done Jan.29. I am so sorry I even let her cut me. I told her I had sotting betwen periods, and had been treated for endo 3 times. I was under the assumption that she would look around for endo, get rid of it, check for adhesions, and take care f them. She said if the left ovary was diseased, she'd remove it. I told her not to take anything if it didn't look bad. Well - she has ruined me in more ways than one. She took EVERYTHING but the right ovary. When I asked her how the organs loked, she said they were quite good. I wonder why she did what she did. When I went to her again, t tell her that I have trouble moving my bowels, and I have steady pain, and pressure in the whole abdomen, she looked at my past history and said it is irritable bowel. I told her No, the symptoms are worse than that, and asked her if it could be problems from the surgery. She said no. Then she smiled and called me her colicky baby. I am in constant pain, and I am mad at myself for asking her to cut me. I feel my quality of life right now is ruined. I can hardly walk, stand, sit, or lay down for too long. I can't even stand up straight. Here it is over 3 weeks, and no improvement. It feels as if everything is glued together. I faxed the hospital a handwritten request for all of my medical records from her, as well as the pathology report, which she also said was o.k. I am scared to death of getting a bowel obstruction,because I know they put a nasogastric tube in, and I've heard about them. It scares me to death, and I can't help it. I've been to numerous emergency rooms in the past few weeks. All the xrays are pretty good. One time, they gave me mik of mag, a Fleets enema, and a suppository. I didn't get much results. I never had this trouble until after I had an unneeded hyst. I can't even imagine 26 surgeries. I'm bitter after just this one. Yes, it is upsetting to say the least. And to think she shrugged it off. I wish I would feel better, because I'd like to tell her w hat I think, and hit her with some good questions. Millie

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I know that my total hysterectomy was only the beginning of my adhesion growth. I just wish that I had the good fortune of having a surgeon skilled enough to prevent the adhesions from forming. But, it wasn't just my ob/gyn that lacked those skills. It was the surgeons that I so naively allowed to perform 26 major operations on me before I said enough was enough. Even now I have people question why I have not allowed those doctors to operate again. I just tell them over and over that if they couldn't get it right after 26 attempts I sure as hell wasn't going to let them try again. I just wish I had realized this after maybe the first two. I wouldn't be in the boat I am now.

I did call and request that my local physician increase my MSContin dosage.....but was told that he would not budge. I told them that he was doing what he had to do, but I was going to do what I had to....I was going elsewhere. Tomorrow I make a phone call to the doctor whose name I got from the widomaker site.


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Hi Karla ;-)

I'm glad you didn't have to take Hormone Replacement. I have to though, as soon as my ovary was taken I plunged into a menopausal state. I found this great site that might be able to help Inge be informed of what can happen with or without HRT.

also infomation on Evista that I take can be found here:

I also forgot to mention to Inge that the removal of my remaining ovary did not stop my adhesion growth. Sad, but true. It did however, in my case slow it all up eventually, of course with a good surgeon !! That is so very important.

Hope this helps anyone, Your Pain Pal Trace xo

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Welcome Inge,

I just wanted to respond and let you know that many of us have had my case endometriosis was not a part of it. I do know that Dr. Reich in Pennsylvania is extremely talented in dealing with both the endometreosis as well as the adhesions.

My hysterectomy was total to begin with. I am not, nor have I ever been on hormone replacement. I shouldn't say never....the short time I was on I experienced severe migraines so I do not take them. I do not feel that I suffer from not taking them.

You really need to do your research and go from there. There are plenty of doctors willing to do surgery....only a few who really know what they are doing.


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Hi Inge ;-))

Yes, all my problems resulted from Endo. I have had chronic 4th stage Endo for 10 years, however the Endo finally settled a few years ago, but just reoccured in my recent lapa.

I decided to remove my remaining ovary like yourself to rid myself of the Endo. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds. Once you remove the second ovary you will be on HRT for the rest of your life, and there is NEVER any guarantees that this will stop your Endo. I found the search for HRT very frustrating, as I was allergic to alot of it. And of course you will feel menopausal.

How do I know this, well I had one ovary removed, then a hysterectomy, then the other ovary. All because of Endometriosis.

I know that the decision is a large one, I had finished trying to have a family, my Endometriosis was too chronic that it made me infertile anyway. Nonetheless !!! don't forget that it is totally irreversable, and peoples lives change.

HRT, well there is alot of worries about the long term side effects of it. Please remember that there is products out there called "SERMS"... stands for special oestrogen receptor modulators, taking this kind of HRT, reduces your cancer and other risks.

I am happy to forward any further information you need ;-)) I think you will be surprised at how many adhesion cases result from Endo. It's one of the leading causes.

You will probably have a few consecutive operations to remove any ovary remanant, as this is very common too.

Please take care !!!!! And decide wisely,

Trace xoxoxox

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