hello Millie and the rest of you ladies!!

From: Colette (anonymous@medispecialty.com)
Tue Feb 20 08:24:41 2001

This is Colette, ya needless to say you guys are right these dr.'s no nothing about adhesions now i'm going into battle i can not live like this and will not live like this. Millie i have not gone to the bathroom right since my surgery TAH. I've tried everything. at the ER the wanted to give me an enema i told the forget it ! They don't work either and i was sooo tired i swear these dr like to give you things to mask the problem instead of addressing the problem. Millie you wanted to know what i feel like::Well here it goes. When i go to bed i have to take sleeping pills just to go to sleep> Ihate getting up in the morning cause the pain wakes me. I get the urge to have a BM i run to the toilet and nothing happens i sit there for like 1hr and nothing. the other day itried to go and styrained so hard i blacked out on the toilet. I just can't go i'v lost 15lbs since my surgery and i'm losing iquikly now i can't eat and i get very nausated I live in tempe az where all the snowbirds come in the winter so its next to immpossible to get an appt with a gastereonoligist i swear to god i've called almost everyone and none of them have any openings until April! I could be dead by then. If you would like to e-mkail that is fine. Luckylady379@aol.com you hang in there girls god knows i'm trying but after the ER event i'v lost faith in the medical system no wonder i think of killing myself sometimes this is awful!! What keeps me fighting is my husband and kids thank god for them or i could'nt do this anymore.

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