From: Norma (
Tue Feb 20 14:34:33 2001

At Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Nancy E. Hale wrote: >
>Hi Norma and welcome to the group.
>We don't have a chat room here. Feel free to post any questions you may
>have, and browse around the site. If you search through the past postings,
>you will gather a lot of information about adhesions, the problems they
>cause, the difficulties you will run into with doctors and the whole story.
>Almost all of the members of the group have posted their stories on the
>Adhesions Quilt, and you can read any one of them just by clicking on the
>name. There is a lot of pain and suffering represented by that quilt,
>along with a lot of frustration and heartache.
>I'm not sure where you live, but there are answers and treatments out there
>if you have or can get the financial resources to access them.
>Again, welcome.
>Nancy HI Nancy thanks for answering at the moment Steve is in hospital and has been for over a week it does not seem to be settling he is in a lot of pain and is vomiting the docs do not want to operate . His bowel is enlsrged and thar is worrying cause they say it could burst. I am in Greenock Scotland. I am so worried about him he is so depressed thasnks for amswering hope you are well. Norma

Kate I have been reading the message board with interest your's especially helped.  I am writing about my son who has had adhesions for 8yrs now. He had an op when he was 6 and did not suffer any then it started when he was 11 and started growing.  He suffers severe pain vomiting and bowel probs. He has been out and in hospital several times I was interested in the PCA machine you spoke of.  We are in Scotland is it available here?  I AM SORRY TO HEAR OF YOUR PROBS ARE YOU WELL NOW?

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