Found a great doctor!!!

From: Gene (
Tue Feb 20 15:04:23 2001

This is my first message to this forum but I have been a follower for a very long time. My wife Linda suffers from adhesions and has had several surgeries in the past in Boise Idaho. The first of Feb she had a surgery in Bend Oregon by Dr. Redwine. We had been in contact with Dr. Redan (who we were very impressed with) through Pam Markford, however the price of travel and procedure were prohibitive. Dr. Redwine comes very highly recommended even by Dr. Redan.

Well to make a long story short Linda had the operation on the first of Feb and the second look on Fed 6th. She is doing fantastic for the first time in years. I can't recommend him and his staff highly enough and he costs about 20% of other doctors. He is truly fantastic and treats patients from around the world. His specialty is endo but he is very well versed in Adhesions and their associated pain and mannerisms. If anyone would like more info I would be glad to help and can be reached at

It has been great to meet all of you through this site and believe me you have helped Linda and I a great deal. If we can return the favor and see someones life improved we will do what ever we can.

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