Re: To soon for Adhesions???

From: Janet Karam (
Mon Feb 19 13:49:18 2001

Dear Colette,

Sometimes we have to trust our bodies more than the doctor...this was true in my case. I had adhesions...but 6 or 7 doctors at one time saying I didn't...I was forced to have pshycological testing before I could get my adhesiolysis in '99, even with the results of 2 barium tests that suggested adhesions according to the radiologist's report!

Please feel free to write me anytime, we all understand the emotional and mental turmoil! I have surgery scheduled in PA with the adhesion specialists next month, I would be glad to share any info with you.



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> Well yesterday i was in so much pain i ended up in the ER. Which they
> did nothing for me. I asked the dr if it was possible that i might have
> ahesions and he said it was to soon! Lets see oct.13 i had a
> laperascopy, and hysterectomy on dec1,2000. is it possible its too
> soon? My pain is on my left side and it travels to my lower left area in
> the pelvic area and its very sharp and intense, i feel like i have to
> have a BM but can't the pain is so intense. No matter what i take its
> not doing a thing. They wanted to call my Gyn and have him order a
> barium X-ray thing but i heard those were god awfull and to tell you the
> truth the pain that i'm in there is no way. They gave me nothing i was
> there for 6 hrs. I have a GI apptment on march 6 i truely don't know if
> i can make it that long but these ER rooms are retarded. Right now i'm
> hurting my husband yells at me because i tell him i should of OD the
> first time. I'm so depressed and tired of living in pain. And no one
> will do a thing i should'nt have to live like this!

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