To soon for Adhesions???

From: Colette (
Sun Feb 18 08:35:43 2001

Well yesterday i was in so much pain i ended up in the ER. Which they did nothing for me. I asked the dr if it was possible that i might have ahesions and he said it was to soon! Lets see oct.13 i had a laperascopy, and hysterectomy on dec1,2000. is it possible its too soon? My pain is on my left side and it travels to my lower left area in the pelvic area and its very sharp and intense, i feel like i have to have a BM but can't the pain is so intense. No matter what i take its not doing a thing. They wanted to call my Gyn and have him order a barium X-ray thing but i heard those were god awfull and to tell you the truth the pain that i'm in there is no way. They gave me nothing i was there for 6 hrs. I have a GI apptment on march 6 i truely don't know if i can make it that long but these ER rooms are retarded. Right now i'm hurting my husband yells at me because i tell him i should of OD the first time. I'm so depressed and tired of living in pain. And no one will do a thing i should'nt have to live like this!

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