Re: adhesions combined with endometriosis?

Mon Feb 19 13:50:51 2001

Hi there Ingi.... To answer your questions which were: My question is: IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS ANY EXPERIENCE SIMILAR TO MINE? AND IF SO, DO YOU HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH SURGERY WITH DR. KORELL? AND IF YOUR OVARIES WERE REMOVED, DID YOU HAVE THE SAME TROUBLE WITH ADHESIONS REFORMING POST-SURGERY? I did have a total abdominal hysterectomy about 4 years ago. When I had surgery this past July - I had a small amount of endometriosis. Please take the time to read the quilt. My story as well as many stories are there for you to read. I think that one of the reasons you don't see the word endometriosis in some posts is because we are concerned about our pain - the adhesion pain. No matter what was wrong with us prior to adhesions, adhesions seem to be our main concern right now. I've had my last surgery (July 2000) with Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich in PA. Like I said above, if you read the quilt you will see the story of each and every one of our "health life's" on it. Hope this helped you out some. ") Hugs and Love, Chrissie xo's

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