Re: Looking for Support

From: Teresa Waldrop (
Mon Feb 19 12:36:27 2001

Dear Dawn, I can relate to the shorter temper while in pain. I catch myself snapping and my children and my husband. I think I have apologized to them more in the past few months than I have ever needed to in the past. I can only hope that the understand that I don't mean to be ugly. I think they do because it has become almost a joke around out for Mom, she's got the evil eye! Usually when they say that it makes me smile and calm down a bit. I spend alot of time sitting on my back porch counting backwards from 10.*SMILE* Maybe soon we will find help for our pain that also causes pain for all those who love us. Priceless Days for us all!! - Teresa

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> At Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Christy wrote:
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> >I have been an adhesion sufferer for almost 12 years and have felt alone
> >until I found this web site.
> >
> >I have adhesions in my uterus, around my pancreas and my liver and have
> >already had 5 surgeries to help the problem but the pain is back and so
> >are the complications.
> >
> >Is there anyone out there who may be able to help give me support when
> >the pain and depression gets to much to bare?
> >
> >Hope to hear from someone soon,
> >Christy
> --
> Hi my name is Dawn I have adhesions from my hystorectomy in 1994 I have
had 12 operations and I am 31 yrs. old.I have been searching for anyone else who goes through what I do.Only 2 of the operations have been for the adhesions my wonderful doctor has told me the last one was all he could do that my can not go through anymore.I have to beautiful daughters 10 and 12. There is no more playing with them or acting silly with them like I use too.I hurt alot I am losing weight left and right. I read some of the messages on this board I hope its okay to write and talk to someone here Iam so frustrated just cleaning my house and taking care of my family has become very hard for me.My oldest daughter is about to turn 13 and my tolerance for her atitude is very short. I love her so much and it is very hard to control my temper when I hurt so bad.I go outside alot now to collect myself when she gets on one of her kicks of why not why not.I have always beeen able to control my temper bu! > t it is getting harder everyday. Like I said I read alot of these letters
and just needed someone to talk to.Your letters help me know I am not crazy and others have the same pain and frustration I do. >

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