Re: Just what we didn't need:

From: Karla (
Sun Feb 18 06:38:32 2001


I pray that the duragesic patch continues to work for you. It has been by far the most effective pain control I have been on. My problem was the quick rate at which I developed an intolerance to it....I was on 100 patches very rapidly...and then it began to affect my respiratory rate. Be careful....have your oxygen levels checked. Mine became very decreased and I was taken off them. Now I am on MSContin....which at this point is not having much effect but I am on very small amounts. I have no clue why my doctor put me on the doses he did. When I read the information on the net it said that they should look at the amount of morphine I needed a day and then go from there. I will be parking my keester next to his desk on Monday.

I was so proud of myself during my recent hospitalization. I actually stood up for myself and told him and the nurses that I had the right to appropriate pain relief. When I told the hospital pharmacist the same thing he went to bat for me with my doctor. He is going to make sure that I receive the appropriate medications now....even if it takes the morphine pump. After standing up for myself I feel like an army tank.....ready to take on the whole world.


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> Hey Karla, > > That's a good laugh before I go to bed! > > The worst thing this disease takes from us sometimes is smiles and > laughter...thanks for the humor! > > The oxycontin didn't work for me...doing better on the Duragesic patch with > alot of rest. > > Love, > > Janet >

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