pain after adhesion surgery

From: Joy (
Sat Feb 17 21:12:08 2001

I had a lysis of adhesions done on February 6 and I have a few questions I would like to have answered . When the doc did my surgery, he found many more adhesions than he thought he woulg find, and in many areas of my stomach , I feel like a new woman, but just above my incision(sp) I am in a lot of pain( the area is just above my belly button and right between my ribs) the area feels kind of hard and hurts to touch and also hurts when I walk, my back is also very sore. The doctor used intergel(sp) as a barrier and I am wondering if this has any thing to do with it.Several years ago I had my gallbladder removed and my doc cut an artery, the pain is somewhat like that. I am taking percocet and they aren't really helping. I don't want to bother the doc. on the weekend if this is really just post surgical pain, but could it be something else? I don't have an appiontment until the middle of next week and I don't know if I will be able to hold out that long.The doc removed adhesions in that area ( liver, gallbaldder bed, diaphram) , do you all think it is from the surgery or a complication or more adhesions? Any input is very appreciated. Thanks for your time,


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