Re: pain after adhesion surgery

From: Debbie Smith (
Sun Feb 18 13:46:41 2001

Joy, Call.....never miss an opportunity to be safe or sorry... What the heck do we pay them for anyway????

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No, I am not running a fever,( well it is alittle high forme but a doctor wouldn't consider it a temp) I just have the pain. Should I still call? Thanks, Joy

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> On 17 Feb 2001, at 22:13, Joy wrote:
> > I had a lysis of adhesions done on February 6 and I have a few questions
> > I would like to have answered . When the doc did my surgery, he found
> > many more adhesions than he thought he woulg find, and in many areas of
> > my stomach , I feel like a new woman, but just above my incision(sp) I
> > am in a lot of pain( the area is just above my belly button and right
> > between my ribs) the area feels kind of hard and hurts to touch and also
> > hurts when I walk, my back is also very sore.
> If this is new pain since the surgery, call the doctor and disturb him
> -- or whoever is covering for him -- on the weekend. Surgeons
> expect that you will have problems and provide coverage!
> Not everything is adhesion pain! Are you running a fever?
> Healing does take time. After my last surgery I had enough pain
> for the Vicodan for about three weeks . . . and do remember toward
> the end of the time getting scared that I might run out of pills.
> Then, surprise, fewer and fewer pills and then the pain was pretty
> much gone.
> However, there is always the chance of infection. So call the
> doctor.
> Kate
> Kate Murphy
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